Pitojen Helmi

Pitojen Helmi – a pearl amongst venues

You can slip into a cosy and traditional rustic atmosphere just 30 minutes outside of Oulu.

Pitojen Helmi (’The Pearl of Feasts’) in Liminka is a beautiful venue for weddings, family celebrations, business events and meetings, and other festivities. As soon as you step into the yard, you can get carried away by the romantic charm of the rustic country ambiance of the past that is still alive and well in this former farmhouse – what might life have been like here in the time of old highway inns?

Our three separate venues, Pearl’s Cottage, Katariina’s Banquet Room, and Separator Centre, make for a cosy, warm and comfortable setting for your get-togethers and events.

In our courtyard, you can examine various and mysterious old farm tools in the 18th century chimneyless log cabin turned museum. The museum has a narrative tour that will take you on a trip to the past and back to the current day again. If you are planning an activity day or a wellness day for your workplace, we offer a versatile and unique selection of program and entertainment options.

If you would like to stay long into the evening, we can heat up both of our saunas on request, and slipping into the outdoor hot tub is the perfect conclusion to bathing in the sauna.

Providing delicious food is a matter of honour to us, and locally sourced ingredients are close to our hearts. Homemade baked goods and breads, such as the famous Rieska Bread (Finnish Flat Rye Bread) made at Pitojen Helmi, are made with ingredients harvested from our own fields. We have the skill and the experience for it, as the Pietilä farm has been working the land from the 18th century.

The seventh and eighth generation of the farm wish you a warm welcome to Liminka, the mother of the rural municipality!

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